Junking 101: Easy upcycling ideas

This past summer, I spent time in Destin, Florida hitting the waves and catching some rays. While enjoying the beautiful weather, I took some time exploring the city and getting things ready for the new school year and my new place.


Destin, FL

Destin is filled with consignment shops and ordinary consignment shops they are not. As I was “junking around” (another word for thrift-shopping), I came across this little gem….


Beaded pot from Scavengers Consignment Shop.

A simple yellow pot with sparkly beads and jewels glued to the rim. Of course I bought it – it was too cute not to. It’s a great (and cheap) piece I can use to hold pens and desk accessories. It’s also a great reminder of beautiful Destin, and a reminder of how the simplest things can be renovated and polished up for good use.


Use super glue or a hot glue gun for fast and easy renovation.

This little trinket continues to inspire my upcycling habit. On rainy days I take ordinary looking-items and spice them up with stones, stickers, jewels, etc. Believe me, an old jar and some super glue goes pretty far.

My current rainy day project involves taking a plain-Jane lampshade and gluing on some sequence and ribbon I found in my mom’s sewing chest. I’ll be sure to show you how it turns out.

Moral of the story

Local consignment shops and thrift stores are awesome for idea-catching. Take pictures of cool things you see and save those ideas for a rainy day.


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